More Thanks

8 09 2011

The following groups and individuals donated items and time over the summer:

  • MPS donated the string bags with paper, pens, and a zip drive,
  • Buffalo Rock donated 3 new drink barrels
  • Woodmen of the World donated a new American Flag
  • Former Representative David Grimes donated a new Alabama Flag
  • Looney’s Skating Rink is donating printed lunch menus for us each month
  • 8th grader Christopher Allen chose to paint the lockers on our 6th grade hallway as his Eagle Scout Project this summer, and then… His Dad then carried the locker project throughout the building by choosing Floyd as his class fieldwork site for Job Corp. Thank to Mr. Allen and his Job Corp students, much of the downstairs hallway received a new coat of paint.
  • Gunter IT students donated time to help clean school.

Each of these contributions is very appreciated!  Thanks



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