FMMS School-Wide Spelling Bee

4 12 2012

The Floyd Middle Magnet School-Wide Spelling Bee is this Thursday, December 6th, at 9am in the Community Center Gym.

Each English class conducts their own class spelling bee to determine the winner and the alternate representatives from that class.  Each class winner will compete Thursday morning at 9am. If a winner is absent, the alternate will step in to compete.

PTSA is feeding the winner and the alternate from each class, breakfast in the Library at 8:10 Thursday morning.  When the 8:35am bell rings, these students will go to their homeroom. Class winners will need to report back to the Library after their attendance is recorded.  Mrs. Bosch will escort the competitors to the gym at 8:45am.

Parents are encouraged to attend the competition.  Please report to the Community Center Gym at 8:45am. We ask that parent please hold all flash photography until the end of the competition.



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