Panther Path

18 12 2012
We need money in the PTSA account to cover the academic and athletic requests that have been made.
The budget we approved at the PTSA meeting in October allowed for expenditures of $50,000. You can go to to read details regarding this meeting, the approved budget, and the ways we planned to gather this $50,000. One of our goals was for parents to flat out donate $5,000 to the budget through Panther Path to Success. If every Floyd student could donate $10 we would achieve this $5,000 Panther Path goal. To date we have received $900 of that $5,000.
Please consider writing a check to PTSA as a Panther Path donation. All donations to PTSA are tax deductible, and you will receive a 501( c )3 letter for ANY donation to Panther Path for your tax records. Donations to Panther Path can also get your name on our Panther Path to Success Border displayed in the school hallway. A $100 donation is represented by a panther, a $50 donation is represented by a gold paw, and a $25 donation is represented by a black paw. If you want to invite friends, family, and businesses to make a donations to Panther Path; we will gladly display their name or the name of their business if they donate $25, $50, or $100. Provide us with their address, and we will also send them a charitable donation letter.
By writing a check to FMMS PTSA, you will be spreading holiday cheer as you fund the academic and athletic requests reflected in the approved PTSA budget. If you are not going to be on campus this week, please send money to FMMS PTSA at Post Office Box 11185, Montgomery, AL 36111. ALL donations received before December 31, 2012 will get a letter from PTSA for the 2012 tax year.
As always… Thank you for supporting Floyd Middle Magnet!
Deena Weston, PTSA President 
Floyd Middle Magnet School PTSA
P.O. Box  11185
Montgomery, AL 36111



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