School Library Month

12 04 2013


National Library Workers Day is Tuesday, April 16,

Floyd PTSA would like for you to shower Mrs. Bosch and our library with assistance on April 16th!!

Many of you have mentioned the need for FMMS Library improvements. Mrs. Bosch received $300 in State Allocation this year for Library Enhancement. Her other source of funding is $.05/day for overdue books. These funding sources do not create opportunity to do much improving. Harold Howe once said, “What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education.” 

PTSA would like to express to Mrs. Bosch our love for education at FMMS.  There are two ways you can help.  We want to provide Mrs. Bosch with funding to order hardback books, DVD/media selections, and update technology for student research/library administration. Please consider a gift to Panther Path for these purchases. There are details about Panther Path under Letters on this website.

You can also donate the books your student has finished reading for AR or English class this year. Mrs. Bosch will gladly put your student’s name on a label inside the books you donate. ALL Middle Grade book donations are appreciated!

Please bring books in a gift bag to Mrs. Bosch on April 16th as a gift of appreciation for National Library Workers Day!!



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