Tennis results

16 04 2013
The FMMS Tennis Team played awesome on Friday. The Girls had the #1 & #2 overall winners (Kaitlin Truslow & Alanna Pringle) and the Girl’s team came in 2nd behind Carr. The Boys had the #3 overall winner (Austin Smith)and the Boy’s team won the Championship. Please congratulate the team listed above and especially the coach Dr. Diane Prothro. This was all due to her hard work and dedication.
1 Kaitlin Truslow #1 Champion
2 Alanna Pringle #2 Champion
3 Aroosa Wadud
4 Jordan Thompson
5 Maggie Smith
1 Zion Park
2 Austin Smith #3 Champion
3 Eddie Todd
4 Mitchell Reed
5 John Solis




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