Reflections Art Program is Coming to FMMS

17 05 2013

Floyd PTSA is so excited that Barbara Straw will be Chairing the Reflections Committee next fall. Mrs. Straw and her family are moving back to Montgomery after being stationed in Florida with the USAF. She has been actively involved in this PTSA art enrichment program for several years and has been able to get national recognition for students involved. She put together the information below to give our students a jump start over the summer. She hasn’t even gotten to Montgomery yet, and she is already inspiring me!!


Smile Deena Weston, PTSA President


“Believe, Dream, Inspire”

National PTA Reflections Program coming to Floyd Middle School in the fall.  Students are encouraged to work on their entries over the summer. to enhance rather than replace a quality arts education, the national PTA® Reflections Program℠ provides opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts.

PTA believes all children deserve a quality arts education and encourages students to pursue artistic expression through participation in its annual arts Reflections Program. The program offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. Students in production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts (which includes art forms such as drawing, painting, print making, and collage). For more than 40 years, the program has encouraged millions of students across the nation and in American schools overseas to create works of art. Students participate in the Reflections Program by submitting entries to their local PTA or PTSA..

As participants in the program, students are encouraged to create works in the following art categories:

1.       Dance choreography

2.       Film production

3.       Literature

4.       Musical composition

5.       Photography

6.    Visual Arts



Option for students with a disability as defined under Americans with Disabilities Act


Students submit artwork to Local PTAs. Works are judged by Local PTAs and the winning entries advance to the Council, District, Region, and/or State PTA round, depending on the State structure. Top entries from each State PTA Reflections contest advance to National PTA for the final round of judging.

Student Entry Requirements

The Theme is “Believe, Dream, Inspire”

Take a photograph inspired by the theme. Write a poem or paint a picture that expresses the theme.  Create a piece of music, choreography,  or a film that makes people imagine the theme. 

A student may develop an entry inside or outside of the school. A student may submit entries in more than one arts category.

Each student entry must contain a title and an artist statement, which communicates his/her inspiration for the work and how it relates to the theme. The statement must describe the content and include at least one sentence, but not exceed 100 words.

For more ideas and to gain a better understanding of this fabulous program please click on the link below.





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