Volunteers at Floyd

5 08 2013

THANK YOU to the volunteers who have worked throughout the summer at Floyd to improve the school!

David and Maddie Castleberry painted Mr. Williams’ classroom!  Thank you both for donating so much time at Floyd this summer!

Boy Scout Troop 15, Girl Scout Troop 9327, and their parents updated the Teachers’ Lounge at Floyd Middle Magnet.  Floyd students Hunter Atkins, Seth Deloney, Philip Harden, Adam Luckie, and Trevor Taylor saw a need at our school and came to the rescue with a solution!

Thank you to Stern Bros Furniture for donating a couch for the Teachers’ Lounge.

We had several teachers request more stable podiums for their classrooms, so Todd Patterson made some! Awesome work!!

Thank you to Home Depot for donating wood to make podiums!!



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