Magnet High School Forum

10 01 2014

Floyd PTSA has planned a Special Forum for the benefit of students/parents thinking past life after FMMS…
Wednesday, January 15th, from 6-7pm, in the Floyd lunchroom.

We will host all the Magnet High School Principals, a representative from Career Tech at MPS, and Esther Scheuer (Owner and Director of College Counseling Services, L.L.C., and author of , Parent and Student Guide to College Admission).

LAMP Principal, Mary George Jester, will be present to explain LAMP qualifications and environment. she will give information regarding public tours and she will take questions. Brew Tech Principal, April Lee, will be present to explain Brew Tech and BTW Principal, Quesha Starks, will be present to explain BTW.
(“BTW Showcase” Performance at the Davis Theater is next Friday (January 17th at 7pm). There will be a daytime performance for students that day as well. Tickets are available by contacting BTW at 269-3618. This is a great way to see the results produced by the BTW curriculum.)
There will also be a representative from the Career Tech Department to explain each of the High School Academies (Hospitality, Medical, Education, Banking, IT, etc) housed within our traditional high schools and the Montgomery Technical High School (MTEC). The representative will explain the requirements, curriculum, and the application process.

This one hour forum will be packed with helpful information, and allow opportunity for questions to be answered as you look ahead to high school and beyond.



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