Mardi Gras Dance

14 02 2014
The Mardi Gras Dance will be held Friday, February 28th, from 6-9PM in the lunchroom. Admission is $5 for PTSA members, $7 for non-members. NO GUESTS, ONLY FLOYD STUDENTS AND PARENTS MAY ATTEND.
There will be music, food, and dancing! Pizza, nachos, drinks, AND candy cart will be sold for $1 each. Beads and masks will also be sold.
For your child’s safety during this event, parent & teacher volunteers will be monitoring doors, parking lots and bathrooms. Children must stay in the lunchroom and will not be allowed to wander the parking lots or school halls. To pick up your child after the dance, you may park and walk into the lunchroom or may call/text your child when you are close to the school. Please enter the parking lot from Augusta Avenue to pick them up.
To volunteer, please contact Gina Brewer @



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