Reflections Winners

4 12 2015
Congratulations to all of our Reflections Winners.  These Students “Let Their Imagination Fly” and came up with some wonderful entries.
Literature-Short Story
1. Emily Willford
2. Sarah Lowery
3. Joe Higgins
Honorable Mention-Carlos Cruz
1. Kolbi Bates
2. Haleigh Huggins
3. Jireh Goldsmith
Honorable Mention-Faith Smith
Honorable Mention-Kacee Oliver
Visual Arts 2-D
1. Lauren Bonikowski
2. Dahee Yi
2. ChanjuChung
Honorable Mention-Ellie Stevens
Honorable Mention-Lehela Harrison
Visual Arts 3-D
1. Kerry Anne Straw
2.  Payden Alice Smith
3. Isabelle Goulet
1.Jackson Watson
2. Isabelle Goulet
3. Kerry Anne Straw
1. Kerry Straw-Color Your Imagination
2. Claire Harden-Hoodos
2.  Lauren Bonikowksi-Winged Victory
3.  Catie Capps-Imagine What I Made
Creativity-Sophia Isham-My Hand Flew
Technical Mastery-Haleigh Huggins-Imagine the Fun
Best Interpretation of Theme-Cristina Cruz-The Happy Man
Honorable Mention-Kacee Oliver-The Swings have Stopped
Honorable Mention-Peri Ella Gandy-There is No Other You
Honorable Mention-Anna Claire Berrey-Turning the World Upside Down
1. Americus Brown
1. Izzy Woodham
Thank You to our Judges- Ralph McBride IV, David Robertson, Jane Ann Fleming, Emily Flowers and Caron McCarthy.

Thank You to our prize sponsors-Alabama Dance Theatre, Cloverdale Playhouse, Baker’s Framing/Art Supplies, Total Image, and Floyd PTSA.2015-10-31 1122015-10-31 1132015-10-31 1142015-10-31 116



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