Thank you note

6 05 2016

Being ex-army I’m used to dealing with out-of-date junk.  The last few years I’ve been living with a computer that constantly locked up, shut down, ran slow, or wouldn’t open at all.  I accepted I would not get a new computer through MPS anytime soon.

Recently I received two classroom computers and today they were installed.  WOW!  I couldn’t believe how fast they are!  They run the programs soooooo much better and allow me to put a clear smart overlay over my power points allowing to use all my geometry tools whenever I like.  The old computer didn’t like it if you tried to run two programs at the same time.  It could barely run the one.

I am so grateful for the computers; they are not a luxury.  I pride myself that I could teach with a piece of chalk if need be, but it is so much easier when you can use technology.

Thanks for providing me with the tools I need to better serve the students.


William Brock



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