Possible Bus Delays Tomorrow (9/1/17)

31 08 2017

Per Mr. Tom Salter, Senior Communication Officer for Montgomery Public Schools:

“We expect more than 13 bus drivers to be absent tomorrow. That will mean a number of drivers, some who are already running extra routes, will have to pick up additional routes. That will mean delays tomorrow for many buses.

I will make an all-call tonight to let parents know about the possibility and ask for their patience.

Thank you.”

Tom Salter

Note from Tasha M Scott (VP of Communcation for FMMS): I spoke to Mr. Salter personally. He said there have been a number of illnesses with bus drivers (a bug going around). He said parents are welcome to wait with their children longer but the children will be picked up – it may only be a delay. The call will go out around 6:00 pm tonight. They don’t know which buses this will affect, which is why they are doing a mass communication to the whole school system.



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