First Day of School Supplies + Carpool Map

4 08 2018

Students only need to bring a folder, a little paper, and something to write with on the first day of school. They can put these items in their drawstring bags.

Do not send money.

Do not send their locks.

Also, just in case you didn’t receive a copy of our carpool map during our open houses, here you go:


Students will be dropped off in the lot on the backside of the 6th Grade Portable. They will then be monitored as they walk to the gym or cafeteria (for breakfast).

Do not drop students off on Hall Street. Do not park in Crampton Bowl lot and ask them to cross the street. They will not be permitted to cross Hall Street before or after school. EVERYONE should follow the Carpool Map for the safety of all.

You will only be able to turn right onto Hall Street after dropping off/picking up your students.

Remember, a bus schedule was in the envelope with your student’s schedules.

It’s going to be a GREAT year!! 😉



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