Carpool Update + PTSA Packets

10 08 2018

Long Post Warning…

ATTENTION: Our Carpool Plan is being modified. After talking with officials and authorities, Traffic Control is assessing our situation. It is LIKELY that Hall Street will become ONE-WAY during drop-off and pick-up. They would like for us to implement that now. Therefore, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TURN ONTO HALL STREET FROM MONROE. So, there will be no left turns into the Carpool Line.

We have asked that you not walk up and get your child. If you do so, you do it at your own risk. You absolutely should NOT be parking directly across Hall Street and walking into the parking lot. Also, 7th and 8th graders will be down on the Field. So, if you insist on walking to get your student, you’ll be asked to walk down the hill to get them. We will not be calling them over the walkie-talkies.

Carpool was completely done at 4:07 yesterday. That is around the same time we finished at LeBron. I think that’s fantastic for the 3rd day of school, especially in a new location.

For those who ride the buses to their zoned schools: We have been reminded by transportation that no one is to be parking in the bus lane. So, for example, at Carr, no one should be parking behind the school. We should park in the lot in front of the school, and have students walk to us there.

TOMORROW: There is a game (Not Floyd) at Crampton Bowl. It’s at 4:00, but set up will begin at 2:00. We’ll have to put our Patience Pants on again, I imagine.

PTSA Packets should come home with your students today. Please fill out and place forms and payment back in the envelope they came in, and return them to homeroom. Remember, WE NEED YOU! There’s a place for each and every person to volunteer. Also, remind yourselves that you’re going to the best middle school in Montgomery for free. Consider how much private school costs when you’re filling out your Panther Path forms. 🙂 Panther Pride!



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